Nightguards in Raleigh, NC

Nightguards are able to assist you with a number of problems including bruxism, which involves clenching and grinding your teeth while you’re asleep. Bruxism is a very common condition that affects one in every 12 people. Without a proper nightguard, grinding your teeth can cause serious tooth damage, pain, and also insomnia.

Teeth clenching and even grinding can be caused by stress, so managing your stress can help to relieve the symptoms. In the meantime, though, a custom nightguard can be a very useful tool.

A custom nightguard appliance can be used to manage pain associated with clenching and grinding, lockjaw, and the popping and clicking of your job. It is an essential component of your TMJ treatment.

Benefits of Nightguards

Wearing a nightguard can help:

  • Alleviate pain and headaches
  • Prevent damage to teeth
  • Reduce tension

Do you have any more questions regarding night guards and the safety of your teeth while you sleep? Please give us a call today.

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