Dental Fillings in Raleigh, NC

Have you recently started experiencing a toothache? Notice a pit or a hole in your tooth? Considering dental fillings in Raleigh, NC? At Brier Creek Family Dentistry, we provide a safe, healthy and more appealing alternative to traditional silver fillings. Want to learn more about our composite fillings?

About Our Dental Fillings Near You

Did you know that traditional amalgam fillings can contain mercury? Mercury is a metal which has been linked to serious side effects and health complications. At Brier Creek Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to our patient’s oral and overall health and are proud to offer composite, mercury-free dental fillings.

Benefits of Composite White Fillings

When it comes to treating decay/damage, our composite dental fillings in Raleigh have various benefits over the alternative options such as mercury fillings, these benefits include:

  • Our composite dental fillings are designed to match with your existing smile.
  • White fillings do not contain mercury or any other toxic substance.
  • Composite fillings require less tooth modification/structure removal.
  • Dental fillings can restore your tooth and prevent future decay, damage, and infection.
  • Composite dental fillings do not cause temperature sensitivity.
  • White dental fillings do not expand/contract.

Want to remove your amalgam fillings? Contact Brier Creek Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment!

Get Dental Fillings in Raleigh Today

Ready to restore your tooth and protect it from further decay? Contact Brier Creek Family Dentistry to schedule your consultation. We’d be happy to examine your tooth to determine if one of our Raleigh dental fillings might be the right option for you.

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