Why SureSmile® Technology Is an Exceptional Approach for Your Dental Therapy

Why SureSmile® Technology Is an Exceptional Approach for Your Dental Therapy

Sep 01, 2020

Traditional braces require numerous appointments with your specialist to check on your teeth, gradual positioning, and the treatment is tiresome. With advanced technology, SureSmile aligners are essential in correcting your misaligned teeth to their ideal positions. Robots are used to shape your archwire and provide you with an anxiety-free treatment.

SureSmile orthodontics uses a computer monitoring system, useful in taking precise images of your teeth and oral tissues. It allows your dentist to plan an efficient treatment plan for the gradual movement of your teeth. The procedure is precise and requires a few visits.

How SureSmile® Functions

SureSmile involves the use of diverse technologies that provide your orthodontist with diagnosis, treatment, and archwire design tools. It allows your specialist to visualize 3D imaging for your teeth and come up with the best smile impressions and designs for your treatment plan.

Your orthodontist utilizes SureSmile technology to ensure that your braces position the teeth in the desired positions within a few appointments. Robots are used to sculpt the wires, and your body heat triggers reshaping.

The SureSmile technology involves innovative techniques that are minimally invasive to correct your misaligned teeth and provide you with a brilliant smile. The procedure is ideal for you, unlike traditional braces, since it’s fast and accurate.

What You Need to Expect During the Procedure

SureSmile orthodontics involves three complex steps, and it’s designed to suit your specific needs. It provides you with an appealing smile and improves your experience with braces. Your specialist performs the following during your appointments:

Orthodontic Imaging

The first appointment involves scanning to come up with 3D models of your teeth. Computerized impressions are customized after the digital scans to provide you with the desired outcome. The scans done by your specialist are vital in analyzing your teeth orientation and position of the roots.

Underlying issues within your soft oral tissues are detected and managed before the SureSmile treatment is done. The different angles of your mouth are visible and are presented through 3D X-rays. X-rays are precise and accurate, and aids in the treatment plan for SureSmile®

Treatment Plan

SureSmile® provides you with an accurate virtual simulation used to plan for your treatment. Your specialist easily monitors the progress of your teeth alignment during the entire treatment period. It lowers your anxiety since you are aware of the outcome of your teeth positioning.

Use of Robots

Robots are used to manipulate your archwire upon the determination of your treatment plan. Robotic customization develops smart wires that are activated by your body heat. The memory alloy archwires are custom-made based on your digital impressions.

Benefits of SureSmile

The SureSmile’s technology ensures your braces are uniquely designed for your dental needs, and within a short time. You experience minimal discomfort while receiving treatment. Wires may irritate due to adjustments, but the overall technique is comfortable. You can easily practice your hygiene routine and take care of your oral tissues after treatment.

The time taken for treatment is minimal compared to the traditional braces. You’ll need a few visits to have your misaligned teeth corrected and perfectly placed. The technology is accurate and has the capability of designing a path for your tooth movement.

For you to be an ideal candidate for SureSmile®, you need to schedule a consultation with your dental practitioner to determine whether Suresmile aligners suit your needs. The technology handles individualized needs, depending on the condition of your dental.

Undergoing Treatment Using SureSmile® in Raleigh, NC

Misaligned teeth require an efficient movement procedure, and we utilize SureSmile® technology that’s automated to craft archwire. Our specialists oversee the treatment method to ensure you find an adept solution for your teeth and smile appearance.

We use SureSmile® technology to evaluate your treatment and make vital adjustments. The technique helps our team of dental specialists to have a clear picture of your mouth tissues, and map out the right treatment plan.

At Brier Creek Family Dentistry, we carefully evaluate your dental needs and determine a suitable approach. We recommend SureSmile® as an alternative for traditional orthodontic treatment and encourage you to consult with our specialists about this technology.

Our orthodontists use advanced technology to precisely shape archwires into customized prescriptions. Manual orthodontic processes are uncomfortable, and you need to visit our dentistry for a procedure that utilizes a cutting edge technology for your teeth alignment today!

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