Why Is Wearing a Night Guard When Sleeping Beneficial?

Why Is Wearing a Night Guard When Sleeping Beneficial?

Nov 01, 2020

The most common reason why you may decide to wear a night guard when sleeping is to protect your teeth from the damages of clenching and grinding. The problem known as bruxism affects many people who after consulting their latest or doctor prefer to wear nightguard’s as recommended.

Nightguards help reduce jaw pain, prevent clicking and popping of the jaw, prevent locking of the jaw, or when performing TMJ surgery. When you prevent the issue of teeth grinding you are keeping away many troubles that the problem brings along with it. If you are not aware of why you have been recommended a nightguard you may inquire why to choose nightguards? It is therefore time for you to look into some of the benefits that wearing a nightguard offers you.

Preventing Tooth Damage

Nightguards ensure your top and bottom teeth don’t come into contact with each other when you sleep. Bruxism is common and causes many problems for your teeth. You may not be aware of the grinding when sleeping until your bed partner speaks to you about it during the day.

You won’t have any control over the grinding unless you consult with your dentist who may observe damages on your teeth to recommend wearing a nightguard as a protective measure. Nightguards help to protect your existing fillings and restorations from becoming damaged requiring your dentist to give new restorations. You may even grind your teeth considerably hard to chip or break them. A nightguard helps to protect your teeth from any of the problems described if worn when sleeping.

Nightguard’s Reduce Jaw Pain

Clenching your jaw is another habit that may affect you when sleeping. In such cases, the temporomandibular joint undergoes tension to result in TMJ disorders. Wearing a nightguard helps to reduce jaw tension and discomfort caused by TMJ disorders. The nightguard is custom-designed for your teeth to fit comfortably and tightly in your mouth. The device significantly reduces the stress your jaw joints and muscles undergo when sleeping allowing your jaw to relax.

Preventing Headaches

If you are frequently waking up with headaches you may be grinding your teeth and clenching your jaws when sleeping. Clenching and grinding cause headaches and toothaches and severe clenching and grinding cause muscle fatigue, jaw aches, earaches, and neck pain. Having a nightguard custom-made for your mouth from the dentist in Raleigh helps prevent these issues.

Provides Healthy Sleep

Clenching and grinding your teeth or bruxism is an involuntary habit that you unconsciously develop. The problem affects you when you are awake and also when sleeping. Nightguards are designed to relieve discomfort and create healthy sleeping patterns. Your custom-made nightguard from Brier Creek Family Dentistry will fit your mouth to align your jaw into a position to reduce stress. The nightguard helps muscles to relax and a consequence of the results is stressfree sleep which you enjoy.

Nightguards Can Prevent Snoring

Snoring won’t damage your teeth or disturb your sleep pattern but undoubtedly has the potential to cause severe health issues unless it is treated in the early stages. Your bed partner will be worst affected by your snoring and one way to get over the problem is to contact Dr. Anil Mathew who refers you to a sleep medicine specialist to determine whether you are affected by the condition of sleep apnea. Many treatments are available for sleep apnea from physicians but a nightguard pioneered by dentists is perhaps the most comfortable and portable among the devices available for treating sleep apnea. The nightguard helps to keep your lower jaw in a forward position ensuring your throat muscles don’t collapse when you sleep and interrupt breathing patterns.

Information about a nightguard resembling a mouth guard could encourage you to visit the neighborhood drugstore or sporting goods store to pick up a mouth guard to wear at night. You are strongly recommended against doing so because the stock variety available in the market does not fit well and cause breathing problems. Therefore it is essential for you to have the device specifically designed for your mouth by the dentist described earlier in this blog. The dentist aims to relieve you of the problems you are experiencing and will do his best to make sure you have the perfect device to overcome the issues affecting you.

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