Why Do Some Dental Cleanings Cost More?

Why Do Some Dental Cleanings Cost More?

Sep 18, 2018

The typical dental cleaning procedure involves the removal of tartar build up from the teeth. However, not all dental cleanings are designed in this fashion. Many other options can be undertaken to clean your teeth. Some are costing more than others, while others being more comprehensive than others. Dental cleanings are essential because dentists are trained in identifying the underlying causes of bad breath, gum irritation and plaque accumulation.

We may think we are doing everything right in our bathrooms with our 3-minute brush routine, but there are several hygienic issues that we cannot detect unless assisted by a trained healthcare professional. The cost of a dental cleaning is dependent on the amount of cleaning that is needed. If you haven’t visited the dentist for over five years, then the chances are that your bill will be higher than someone who schedules an appointment every six months.

Why Do You Have To Pay More For Dental Cleaning?

A dentist has to use special tools to remove tartar and plaque. Although, sometimes these tools won’t be enough and you’ll end up booking multiple appointments for a complete cleaning. Other times you may even be subject to anaesthesia if cleaning proceeds into the gum lines. These kinds of cleaning procedures involve the prevention and treatment of onset gingivitis. If tartar and plaque evolve to the point where they begin to push the teeth away from the jawline, then you’re dealing with periodontal disease. This will naturally increase the frequency of routine dental appointments, along with the incurring the charges of additional post care treatment. Procedures that are required at this stage now include laser treatments, bone grafts or even direct application of antibiotics to the periodontal pocket.

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