The Right Time to Have Dental Crowns Is Now with Friendship Day Bonus Tips

The Right Time to Have Dental Crowns Is Now with Friendship Day Bonus Tips

Aug 01, 2020

Are you wondering when the right time to choose dental crown treatment is? We believe any time you have large cavities that cannot be filled, need restorations after a root canal, or have cosmetic reasons like discolored or poorly shaped teeth, the time is right to choose this treatment over others.

In this blog, we are offering some friendship day bonus tips to help you decide why now is the time to undergo the treatment. Friendship Day requires you to mingle with your friends with a smile on your face. You wouldn’t want to show off your smile with unsightly gaps in your mouth, would you?

Dentists have always been promoting dental restorations to protect your teeth and your smile but also understand your need to put your best foot forward on a momentous occasion like Friendship Day. They are therefore offering some bonus tips to help you enhance your smile without displaying the imperfections with your teeth.

How Can Dental Crowns Help You?

Just wonder what would happen if you have a large cavity on your teeth that cannot be filled. The bacteria in your mouth would continue enjoying themselves to spread the infection until they reach the jawbone resulting in loss of teeth.

Having teeth in your mouth that are discolored and not responding to teeth whitening treatments will also benefit from dental crowns because they encase the entire tooth. Concealing the discoloration with a dental crown would be an appropriate choice.

Undergoing root canal treatment renders your tooth weak to need exterior protection, and here again, a crown is the best option available for you.

Crowns are also beneficial as artificial teeth on dental implants or to cover gaps if you have missing teeth and are considering a dental bridge. Dentists are recommending crowns even for children whose teeth have severely decayed because of poor oral hygiene because it is the best solution available to correct imperfections with the teeth.

What Type of Crown Can You Choose?

When you schedule an appointment with the dentist in Raleigh, the dental professional will explain various choices that are available to have your dental crown. You can choose from materials like ceramic, resin, and porcelain as the contents are tooth-colored and will not look odd in your mouth. After a detailed discussion with the dental professional, your teeth will be prepared for the crown by shaving off some enamel. A temporary crown is placed on the prepared tooth to protect it from damages.

Your permanent crown will be ready in a couple of weeks, at which time another visit to the dentist’s office is necessary. This is the final phase of the procedure when the dental professional will remove the temporary crown and clean your teeth and gums thoroughly. The permanent crown will be installed using durable dental adhesive. After the installation, you will receive aftercare instructions to maintain the crown in prime shape.

Don’t Have the Time for Multiple Visits to the Dentist’s Office? Consider Same-Day Crowns

You may not have the time to visit Brier Creek Family Dentistry multiple times because of work and family commitments. In such cases, you can rest assured this facility can also offer you same-day crowns that are no different from the traditional variety. CEREC technology is used to prepare same-day ceramic crowns in the dental office and placed on your teeth in approximately 3 to 4 hours. This procedure eliminates the need for temporary crowns to give you the restorations you need in a single visit to the dentist’s office.

How Long Will the Restorations Last You?

If you are prepared to invest a significant sum of money on a dental crown procedure, you will undoubtedly want to know how long the restoration will last you. It would help if you understood that the expertise of the dental professional, Dr. Annie Matthew, the material used for making the crown, as well as your lifestyle all have a role to play in how long the restoration lasts.

If you maintain proper oral hygiene and follow the instructions of the dental professional, you can rest assured the restorations will last for approximately 5 to 15 years. However, you must avoid habits that will wear down your teeth from the time you have the dental crowns placed. You can discuss problems like clenching and grinding your teeth if you are affected by the problem and any other concerns you have in your mind with the dental professional. A small investment for protecting the crowns will go a long way to ensure you don’t have to make another investment in dental restorations for quite some time to come.

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