Reasons Why You May Need Dental Fillings

Reasons Why You May Need Dental Fillings

Mar 01, 2020

Dentists have been providing dental filling treatment for centuries. Countless teeth have been saved by these nifty little oral health aids. Most people believe the only reason they need to have a tooth filled is when a tiny space has been created after a cavity is drilled. Cavities are undoubtedly the primary reason for getting a dental filling but additional reasons also exist and must be noted by everyone.

Dental fillings become necessary when you don’t care for your teeth as suggested by the dentist. You neglect to brush and flossing regularly and more importantly also make attempts to avoid dental checkups every six months. It is this lack of care that causes cavities to form in your mouth because you would have allowed tooth decay to flourish unabated. Now that you require dental filling treatment you may as well understand the reasons why this treatment becomes necessary. Let us look at some of the reasons why you may need dental fillings.

Cavities Regardless of the Shape of Size Need Prompt Dental Fillings

Only a dentist will be able to determine whether you have a cavity that needs to be drilled and filled. The cavity would have formed only after you allowed tooth decay in your mouth. The dentist will be drilling out the infected portion of the tooth before applying the filling. Fillings last for about five years but in some cases can also act as a permanent tooth filling by lasting for a couple of decades or more.

Dental Filling and Benefit Even Tiny Holes in the Teeth

Many patients have diminutive holes in more than one teeth that can benefit from a filling. These holes cannot be called cavities and may not be causing any discomfort but need to be filled. When these tiny holes are left untreated chances of food particles and bacteria accumulating increase leading to tooth decay. Most importantly, these holes can expand unless they are filled promptly.

Fractured Teeth Can Benefit from Dental Fillings

A white composite filling may be applied as a remedy to a fractured tooth. Teeth can fracture for several reasons which could be attributed to participating in contact sports, slip and fall accidents, auto accidents or any other type of impact to the mouth. Fractures to the tooth can also happen when chewing on hard objects like pencils, ice cubes, or even the aging process. Dentists suggest wearing a mouthguard to protect the teeth against fractures when participating in contact sports but for all other reasons you must be the judge of how to care for your teeth. You can discuss the merits of using dental fillings for fractured teeth and you will in every likelihood be surprised to learn how effective they can be.

Dental Fillings For Teeth Discoloration

Many dentists are applying fillings for teeth that have become discolored after being exposed to coffee, tea, red wine, candy, soda pop, and other acidic foods and beverages. Discoloration of the teeth can happen even when you use your teeth to open things or grind them either when sleeping or awake. If you have discolored teeth you can discuss with your dentist about the possibility of having a filling.

Gradual Loss of Tooth Structure Will Necessitate a Filling

The structure of a tooth will be in jeopardy when it is damaged for any reason. If sufficient tooth structure is lost it may become necessary to apply a dental filling for better support and visual uniformity throughout the mouth.

A dental filling will be a requirement even when you undergo a root canal treatment which again would have been caused by extensive tooth decay. However, the root canal would also have made the tooth brittle making it incumbent for you to have a dental restoration in the form of a crown or a dental implant. However, in most cases, apart from damaging your tooth in an accident they would have been forced upon you because of gross neglect which could easily have been avoided.

Brier Creek Family Dentistry and their dentists in Raleigh, NC, suggest taking proper care of the teeth by brushing twice a day for two minutes each with fluoride toothpaste, flossing at least once a day and visiting them for six-monthly checkups and exams to detect tooth decay or cavities which may have formed to prevent the need for dental fillings. However, if you do have one or more cavities in your mouth the dentist in Raleigh, NC, will be happy to provide you the appropriate treatment.

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