Nightguards – The Right Protectors for Your Teeth

Nightguards – The Right Protectors for Your Teeth

Jan 01, 2020

One of the most common problems noticed among people is teeth grinding or bruxism. A harmful act damages the teeth. Your teeth might break due to teeth grinding. It sounds surprising but yes, teeth grinding is a reason for damaged teeth. Some people have this strong habit of teeth grinding that they even grind teeth at night. It all starts with a few minutes of grinding intentionally during the day and ends at unintentional night grinding while you are asleep. You might feel pain in the facial muscles. Headaches are very common in teeth grinding.

What Are the Cause of Teeth Grinding?

Not everyone grinds his or her teeth. Some factors lead to this stage. The two major factors of bruxism are listed below.

Alcoholism and Smoking

Most of the drinkers or smokers have the teeth grinding habit. Such people are either anxious or the damaged enamel makes them grind teeth. Their teeth are more sensitive and the damage of teeth grinding is severe as well.

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress are the reason for many problems. Among these several problems, teeth grinding is a major one. The more stress in life people face, the more they grind the teeth. Out of stress, some people bite nails, some write, some draw and some grind their teeth.

If you have bruxism, find a dentist near you now and get it treated.

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding

The most effective solution to teeth grinding is a mouthguard. You may hear night guards as well. Both refer to the same treatment. Mouthguards or night guards are special plastic-made dentures that cover your teeth.

You might have seen boxers or athletes wearing some trays to protect their teeth. These trays are called mouth guards. They have different color variations as well. Therefore, the players have blue or green covers. You can choose transparent guards if you are not in favor of the colored ones.

Who Can Use a Night Guard

Nightguards are specified to people who have teeth grinding problems at night. This is where the name comes from. However, players, athletes, gymnasts, and kids also use them. The basic purpose of the nightguards is to protect the teeth from any injury.

Players and Athletes

The chances of tripping or losing control are higher for athletes and players. The teeth are at risk. So, nightguards protect the teeth from any injury.

Kids and You

If your kid or anyone has bruxism, the dentist would advise mouthguards. Why is that so? No matter what the reason is for bruxism, the tooth will be lost as well. To protect them from breaking or any other damage, guards are essential.

Types of Dental NightGuards

Mouthguards are usually advised for the upper teeth but in some serious cases, they are recommended for the lower teeth too. Your night guard must be durable, reliable, and easy to clean. The basic three types of dental night guards are given below.

Boil and Bite Mouthguard

A thermoplastic is used to make these guards. First, they are placed in hot water for softening. Now they are immediately placed on the teeth so that they get the right shape as your teeth. Leaving them for some time would not allow them to get the right shape.

Stock Mouthguard

These are already shaped nightguards that are available at pharmacies easily. Since these have a standard size, a little shaping is required. The more precise the shape the better it is. They would not bother you while eating, and talking.

These dental night guards have side effects as well. They are not durable. They are heavyweight and make breathing difficult as well. Usually, a dentist in Raleigh does not recommend these night guards.

Custom-Made Mouthguard

These are the most precise and accurate night guards found. Dentists take impressions of your teeth first. They either manufacture the guards or as the laboratory to construct them under supervision. The jaw undergoes necessary alignment to ensure that there is no pressure on the gums.

Final Words

Be it for protection or treating the damaged teeth, nightguards can help. Our dentists at Brier Creek Family Dentistry first discuss the process. Your questions are always entertained. Our dentists will make sure you get the right dental night guards.

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