Myths about Root Canal Treatment Everyone Should Know

Myths about Root Canal Treatment Everyone Should Know

Jul 01, 2020

Most people usually cringe with the thought of having an endodontic treatment. But part of the reason is because of all the myths about it, which makes it seem like the most painful dental procedure. However, that’s not the case. In this article, we will address some of these myths so you can better understand the root canal.

Root Canal Is Painful

The perception that root canals are painful began long ago when it used to be very painful to get a root canal therapy. But since then, things have changed, and the root canal has become as painless as any other dental procedure.

Today, there isn’t much of a difference in pain when getting a root canal and a filling. Keep that in mind and don’t decide to have your tooth extracted when it can be saved.

Dental Crowns Makes One Need a Root Canal

That’s not true; having a crown does not necessarily mean you are going to need a root canal therapy. Your crown will need a root canal if it is abscessed or decay has gotten under the crown to the pulp. If none of that has happened, then there is no need for a root canal.

Root Canal Therapy Causes Illness

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet, and if you might have come across a statement stating that root canal therapy causes diseases, that’s not true.

The myth came along from a false claim based on a poorly conducted research about a century ago. That was before modern medicine when the causes of many diseases were not yet understood. That being said, no scientific evidence shows that root canal therapy causes illness to anyone who undergoes it.

Extracting a Tooth Is Better Than Having a Root Canal Therapy

The truth is it is, and it will always be best to save your natural tooth. There is nothing that can replace it, and if a root canal can save it, you should go for it. Even the best artificial replacements like dental implants cannot match the effectiveness of your natural tooth. Root canal therapy is usually the last mean of saving the tooth, and if it doesn’t work, then you can consider an extraction.

Roots of the Infected Tooth Are Removed During a Root Canal Therapy

The treatment might have the name root in its name, but that does not mean that the roots are touched. The only thing that is removed is the pulp from the inside of the tooth.

Root Canals are Too Expensive

It is a difficult myth to dispel since dentists don’t charge the same amount, but some root canals are quite cheap. Some specialists can charge more, but it will be a misconception to believe that all root canal therapies are expensive.

Compared to having your tooth extracted and replaced with an artificial one, the root canal is way cheaper. Talk to us if you require a dentist in Raleigh, NC, and Dr. Anil Mathew will help you out. Our dental services are of the highest quality, yet quite affordable.

Root Canals Cause Permanent Tooth Sensitivity

Yes, there will be some pain and tooth sensitivity after the treatment, but that will only last for only a couple of days. Once the pain subsides, the tooth sensitivity will do as well. However, if the pain or tooth sensitivity persists, be sure to contact your dentist for a way forward.

It is a rare occurrence, and you should not worry about it because it is unlikely going to happen to you. If it does, the dentist will advise you on the steps to take, and the sensitivity will be dealt with properly.

Pregnant Women Cannot Undergo Root Canal Therapy.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid a lot of things, but getting a root canal is not one of them. Yes, the treatment does require some x-ray, but the exposure is very little to cause any harm, and it is directed to at the mouth, not your abdomen area.

The dentist will also cover your belly appropriately during the x-ray to ensure your baby is sufficiently protected. Ensure to inform your dentist about the pregnancy beforehand.

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