Gifting Your Mother with Dental Appointment

Gifting Your Mother with Dental Appointment

May 18, 2020

Visiting a dentist every so often is a habit that everyone should embrace. It helps one keep up with good oral health. However, very few people observe this tip, so much so that it almost sounds like a joke. On the contrary, there is a lot you stand to gain from dental appointments. If not you, perhaps the ones you love. Today we share a couple of things about the importance of dental visits, and why you should consider them for your mother.

What Are Dental Exams?

They are tests that are conducted during oral visits. Ideally, a dental visit is a session you book with a dentist or any other dental expert. This session is for the overall dental checkup of your teeth. The sessions are held in a dental office and are usually regular throughout the year plan of an individual.

Dental exams are not categorically meant for the lucky few. If anything, they are a part of dental care that everyone should adopt in their daily lifestyle. This means the children and adults alike should have dental exams frequently within the year. All you need is to book a dental appointment in a dental facility near you.

Why Are Dental Visits Important?

Dr. Anil Mathew recommends regular dental visits in a year, preferably every after 6 or so months. Patients never quite understand the importance of this recommendation, especially if they do not have any underlying condition. What you do not know, however, is that these dental appointments you book are not for when you have a dental problem. If anything, it benefits your overall oral health, as is shown below:

  • Preventive dental care – the health of your teeth is ultimately dependent on your ability to prevent any infection from taking root in your oral cavity. Part of this effort has to be accomplished by you. However, there is the role of a dentist in all this, as you will learn from Brier Creek Family Dentistry. Preventive dental care caters to your teeth proactively. This area of dentistry focuses on dental solutions like dental sealants, fluoride treatment, to mention a few.
  • Early detection and diagnostic procedures – dental visits may be the only time your dentist has a close look at your oral cavity. This means that they can gather firsthand information about the overall health of your mouth. The better news is that during those dental exams, your dentist will check for any signs of infection and oral conditions. Some infections are hard to detect unless someone is keen to look. Even when your mother has never complained of toothaches, you may be shocked by the kind of realizations that the dentist makes, following an oral exam.
  • Oral cancer screening – the risks of oral cancer increase with age. You may never know whether or not your mother is prone to oral cancer, unless through a screening process. Ideally, you do not require cancer screening out of the blues. During oral checkups, the dentist can easily recommend a screening session, after finding convincing reasons why it is necessary.
  • Nutritional counseling – did you know a dentist is capable of advising you on matters nutrition? The health of your oral cavity is directly linked to that of the rest of your body. The fire, any recommendations on dietary options by a dentist will impact your overall body health. Better health habits can also root in nutritional counseling.
  • Overall body checkup – dentists have enough expertise to diagnose other health problems in your body, even though unrelated to your dentition. Some common areas where dentists take interest include bone development and related disorders, sleep disorders, migraine headaches, throat infections, stomach problems, cancer, blood pressure issues, cholesterol levels, to mention a few. That said, do not undermine the importance of dental exams. A dentist can bring to light many underlying health problems that you never knew you had.


Clearly, there is more to a dental visit than meets the eye. Considering this gift for your mother might be the beginning of proper health for your mother, and ultimately your entire family.

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