Dental Implants: Past, Present, and Future

Dental Implants: Past, Present, and Future

Jun 16, 2019

There is a titanium post that is inserted in the jawbone of the patient in order to fuse the bone with it. This titanium post becomes the foundation of an artificial tooth and is super strong. This is known as dental implant. It is necessary for those who have lost their tooth due to cavity or any other dental disease. It acts as a replacement tooth and prevents bone loss. It is one of preferred treatment and can be efficiently conducted by Dentists in 27617.

The history of dental implants goes thousands of years back. Humans have been trying to fix a broken tooth since then. Earliest traces of dental implants found by archaeologists are crude. An egyptian king was found with a copper peg in his upper jaw. The dentist of his time would have tried to hammer this peg into his jaw.

Later on, there were so many failed attempts of getting a dental implant. People used carved bamboo, stone pieces, sea shells, steel, etc. Nothing actually worked effeciently. As the branch of dentistry became formal and sophisticated, the experiments started. In 1952, a Swedish orthopedic surgeon named Per-Ingvar Brånemark discovered that body does not reject titanium and it could be used as the main element for dental implants. This was the turning point for the history of dental implants.

Today, all the dentists near you would be able provide you with a dental implant. At Ninety Five percentage of success rate, dental implants are increasingly becoming people’s first choice. Today, it has advanced to such durability and convenience that along with tooth fixture, it also helps with better appearance, improved speech, improved comfort, ease in eating and improved oral health

It is forecasted that the technology will advance in the coming years and make the dental implants even more durable and helpful. It is expected to have a reservoir of anti-microbial medicine which will slowly release this medicines into human body preventing bacterial infection.

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