Choosing The Best Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teen: Part One

Choosing The Best Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teen: Part One

Nov 08, 2018

Have you been looking at your teen and thinking that they might be needing braces and, if they do, which would be right for your them? Teens are at the right age to start getting nervous about what their peers think of them.

We have some good news here at Brier Creek Family Dentistry; the options for your teen are getting much better than what they used to be. Please read on about the different braces and treatments we offer.

First, why do you think your teen might need braces?

  • Are their teeth looking crooked and overcrowded?
  • Are there gaps showing between their teeth?
  • Are they showing an overbite?
  • Do they have an open bite where some of their teeth don’t touch each other?
  • Have you noticed an underbite where their lower teeth stick out ahead of their upper teeth?
  • Or maybe you have noticed a crossbite where their upper and lower teeth are not aligned.

Fixing these issues with your teen’s teeth can have many benefits. The big advantage is that your teen will have a smile that makes them feel confident and more often than not they usually will enjoy more success in their in their future.

We have to remember that it is not just about the looks, it has health benefits too, such as:

  • Their teeth will be easier to clean, and it will be less chance for decay and cavities
  • If there bite is fixed you won’t have to worry about unnecessary pressure being placed on other teeth that could lead to sore jaw muscles or a chipped tooth
  • If your teen’s teeth are straighter, their speech will be much clearer

Most of the time we will recommend braces in the teenage years due to it being a time of change in their lives. For your teen, that means the treatment will take effect more quickly than if you wait until they are adults. They will be hanging out with their friends who are wearing braces at the same, so they will fit in with their peers.

If you think braces might be right for your teen, give us a call today for more information, or book online now!

Stay tuned for part two to learn more about your options for orthodontic treatment.

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