5 Reasons to Undergo Root Canal

5 Reasons to Undergo Root Canal

Jun 01, 2020

Apart from chewing the food, teeth have some other function too. Be it boosting your confidence with a sparkling smile or to help you talk freely, teeth have no alternative. You might opine that the basic need of the teeth is to break down the food that you intake and aid in digestion.

Since the teeth are one of the most used organs, wear and tear are more. With the advancement in dentistry over the last decade, treating dental ailments has been easy. Be it dental decay or sensitivity; root canal treatment can come to your rescue.

What is Root Canal?

Root canal treatment involves a sequence of treatment for the infected pulp of your tooth with the intention to eliminate infection and invoke the protection of the gum and teeth. The dentist might do away with the cavities, but without root canaling, you run the risk of further infection.

The biggest advantage of root canal treatment is you do not have to get rid of the infected tooth. Instead of removing the tooth as a whole, the dentist can remove the damaged area of the tooth or pulp and gets it sealed with dental gel or resin. The term “root canal” comes from the treatment involving cleaning of the canals inside the root of the teeth. Root canal treatment can be used to cure a chipped tooth, deep cavity, dental trauma, or a cracked tooth.

5 Things You Need to Know About Root Canal

Root canal has been a go-to dental treatment. A single treatment can be used to cure a number of dental ailments. Although the success rate of this treatment is pretty high, you need to know a few things about this dental treatment.

#1: Root Canal Treatment is Not painful

The pain associated with this treatment is not due to the procedure but is due to the infection of your teeth. Tooth sensitivity and toothaches are common symptoms that signify that you might need to undergo a root canal.

#2: Root Canal Treatment Saves Your Tooth

The biggest advantage of undergoing root canaling is that you do not lose your natural tooth. Instead, you can get the teeth repaired. The dental cracks can be concealed, and the cavities can be cleaned and sealed off to reduce toothaches.

#3: Technology Makes Treatment Easier

Involvement of technology, endodontic techniques have made root canaling more comfortable. Digital -rays can determine the level of decay, and endodontist can treat accordingly.

#4: Dental Sedation Makes Root Canaling Comfortable

If you are nervous or anxious while undergoing a root canal, the dentist might use sedation to ease the pain. Apart from nitrous oxide or IV sedation, oral sedation can ease off the anxiety and reduce the sensation of pain.

#5: Root Canal Improves Your Aesthetic Value

Be it a chipped tooth, or deep decay, the root canal treatment can conceal the imperfections and give you a smooth and shiny tooth. Both your aesthetic value as well as beauty increases by concealing the dental imperfections.

5 Reasons to Undergo Root Canal

The root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp or the tissues under the gum gets infected or inflamed.

#1: Stop Infection

Once the tooth gets decayed, and cavities start accumulating, you run the risk of infection. Undergoing the root canal treatment can get rid of the cavities and seal the gap

#2: Reducing Pain

Toothaches can be annoying and painful. Root canal reduces chances infection and thriving of bacteria

#3: Saving Your Tooth

If you delay and ignore the dental decay, you might lose the tooth. It is better to go for a root canal and save your tooth rather than going with dental bridges or crowns.

#4: Chipped Tooth

A dental trauma might give you a chipped tooth. A root canal can conceal the crack and restore your smile.

#5: Faster Healing

A root canal treatment heals faster than other dental treatments. Even getting dentures or bridges take more time. This is more like a no-pain treatment.

The Clinic

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